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Singular is a womenswear brand designed to uncomplicate the everyday. We mastermind the modern urban wardrobe of functional yet sophisticated garments, which intentionally exists in limited quantities due to the thoughtful production process.

Singular is an extension of Olēnich universe – the womenswear brand, which designer Yana Olenich launched in 2018. The better part of materials for Singular are sourced from Olēnich, thereby we try to contribute to waste-free production, using fabric leftovers and stock from the parent brand. It means that Singular styles are produced in limited quantities and are exclusive to some extent, but at the same time they are more affordable and easy-to-wear garments, created for modern urban living. Olēnich signature craftsmanship and attention to detail easily transition into Singular collections, which are made with the same degree of skill and quality.

At Singular the time is the most valuable resource, therefore we do not offer too much yet provide a woman with a variety of versatile high quality garments, which can be easily incorporated into an everyday wardrobe.

We believe that every woman is singular in her own way and aim to emphasize it with our accessible signature designs, keeping in mind a sensible approach to production and a concept of affordable high-end product.


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